Sell your property

We are aware that selling a property; be it a mansion, an apartment, a villa or a penthouse is never easy. Which is why our team of Professionals and Analysts are experts at sellecting, through our wide database of International Clients, the right buyers for each property.

Also the needs of each vendor are always different. Which is is why we can adapt to their interests, offering a profesional approach that is thorough, honest & effective.


We maintain a constant and close relationship with our International Buyers. Clients who are looking to buy luxury properties in prime locations. Which is why we offer a selective purchase process, filtered according to the buyers' interests.


There are cases whereby Owners don´t wish to have their properties on the market. At Keyz we perfectly understand their reasons, and we offer the option to have their property promoted in a completely discrete and confidential manner. If for whatever reason, as a Buyer you don´t find the property you are looking for on our Website or International Channels, one of our Agents will be able to assist you and try to offer you the possibility of accessing our off market properties as well.

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